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-A Clear Set of Goals (Dark Meadow Recordings, archive)

-Cacotopia (bandcamp)

-De-escalation (archive, bandcamp)

-Dealing With Intuition (bandcamp)

-Gedoodverfd (archive)

-Hà (megaupload)

-Moral Panic & the End of Reason (bandcamp)

-Mountains Are Flowers (bandcamp)

-The History of Misantronics Part I - DIAA (bandcamp)

-The History of Misantronics Part II - Angelmaker (bandcamp)

-The History of Misantronics Part III - Lijn 12 (bandcamp)

-Year One, The Lost Tracks (bandcamp)

-Zombie Music (music from the Antwerp Zombie Walk) (archive)


-Amex Nori / Dark Meadow Split (yousendit)

-Bedawang - Misantronics (Amex Nori - archive)

-Buddha Peace Noize/Small Sacrifices (w. Dao Da Noize) (yousendit)

-Caelicus Pugna, Misantronics (archive)

-Der Domestizierte Mensch, Misantronics (archive)

-i AM esper, Misantronics (archive)

-Maiden Voyage (w. Kilombo) (megaupload)

-The Ones in the Corner (w. Forest On Fire) (megaupload)

-It's Just A Ride (w. Playing With Nuns) (archive)

-Split (w. Pink Venom) (yousendit)

-Split (w. Forest on Fire & Frozen Memory) (amexnori)

-Split (w. Sascha Müller & Seddik) (megaupload)


-Altered State Of Mind Compilation (Altered State Reflections - archive)

 -An Unattainable Idea (zip MP3, part I, part II, part III)

-Dark Ambient Vol. 2 (Sombre Sonics)

-Divine Penetrations (bandcamp)

-Magnum Opus (Dungeon of Darkness - DOD013) (mediafire)

-Napalm  Death - You Suffer Tribute Compilation (archive)

-No Fucking Diva's, Songs for Drunks & Drug Addicts (archive)

-The Seven Deadly Sins: GULA (archive)

-The Seven Deadly Sins: AVARITIA (archive)

-Union Noise (YouTube - 4shared)

-Zeitgeist, the Compilation Part I  (megaupload)

-Zeitgeist, the Compilation Part III (megaupload)